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Coffee tables

Coffee tables are tables that are used in homes and offices for setting or storing things that don't require immediate use.

Sometimes the tables may be used when drinking coffee as the name suggests however their main purpose is decorative in nature. They are useful in creating focal points in a room. The can be ordered in many varieties i.e. styles, types and materials. They are however classified mostly in terms of what materials they are made of and the shapes they come in.

Type: Wood or glass

The tables can be made of glass which comes as a favorite choice for most people. This is because glass tables are elegant in nature and can easily match with any room design or theme. The glass tables can come in variety of styles, designs and sizes. Most of the glass tables are made according to customer specifications therefore you can be sure that they will satisfy your interests/passion. Glass tables are also easy to clean as they only require regular wiping that can be done easily with a wet cloth and detergent. Unlike wooden tables, glass tables look more attractive in the living room. Customer reviews indicate that the tables are also fairly priced which is an added advantage. The most notable disadvantage of glass tables is that they can easily break or shatter. Most of the tables may be made of reinforced glass however they still shatter easily. They may therefore not be suitable in homes with children as children might play around them and break them or get hurt.

The tables can also be made of wood. Wooden tables have been among the most popular tables for decades. Customer reviews indicate that most people prefer them over glass tables mainly due to their durability. Wood is also readily available in many different types that you can choose from. For instance, wood tables are available in very many colors, types and designs. Most wood tables are also favored by many because they are simple, sophisticates, modern and classy. The tables can therefore fit in any kind of room. There are also a variety of trees that have very unique shapes that provide overwhelming sizes, shapes and colors. The main advantage of wood tables lies in the variety and strength. The also have disadvantages such as cost. Most wood tables are expensive to buy because they use wood that is not readily available. Wood tables also endanger indigenous tree species which is also another disadvantage.

Examples of such tables are lift-top tables. Lift-top tables are the most useful versatile tables in the market today. Lift top tables are available in numerous styles, shapes and sizes. They are normally made of wood and as their name suggests they have a top that rises perfectly to required height. For instance, the lift top table can be lifted to the size of a workspace table or a dinner table. The lift-top is unique compared to other tables because it contains a storage area below the tabletop. This is among the main advantage of the lift-top among other things such as its adjustable height feature. The table offers an excellent storage space. The main disadvantage of the lift top lies in its price. Most lift-top tables are expensive compared to ordinary wooden tables.


Coffee tables can also be classified according to shapes. For instance we have the square tables which are the most common. Most households have these square shaped tables although the styles may vary. It is therefore important that you choose the kind of table that will be able to suit your rooms design and style. The main disadvantage of these tables is that they can't fit in any room design or shape. There are hardly any square tables made of glass therefore the table is not suitable for you if need a glass table. The reason behind this is that many contemporary square glass tables don't look as attractive in ornate living space. They hardly match nautical themes which are common and suitable for living rooms. Square tables can however match individuals with simple tastes looking for a bargain.

Tables can also come in round shapes. The round tables are more like square tables although they come in more varieties in terms of materials textures, sizes and colors. Round tables are most suited in a sparse room that has bright colors and little furniture.


Lastly, tables can come in different designs that range from traditional to modern designs. Over the years, various designs have come up. Many designers and artists continue to come up with creative round and square tables made from both glass and wood. Modern tables posses numerous designs that have also incorporated awkward sizes and shapes diverging from the traditional square or round table. Today you can buy very spectacular modern tables that have all kinds of color schemes. It is therefore important that you explore different ideas, designs, shapes and sizes in the market before settling on a specific kind of table. Most modern table designs should be chosen wisely to ensure that they go well with your rooms' design. These is because modern table designs have a tendency to over disrupt or cause havoc in a room when a room needs little or no flare.

Have fun in choosing

In summary, it is important to take your time when choosing a suitable coffee table for your house. This is because the table should fit the exact purpose it is intended for. For instance, if the table is for decoration purposes then you should choose more elegant design types, shapes and colors. Also, for storage use at home, lift-top tables are more appropriate as seen above because they have storage space and adjustable heights. Price is also an important factor when choosing which table to order or buy. For expensive tables that can have very unique designs/shapes, glass tables are always the best. If price is an issue, you can always go for the simple wooden design. All in all, you should have fun choosing an appropriate design that suits your functional needs and aesthetic appeal.


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